About me


Hey! Welcome to my blog. Dont't need to feel shy, you can come sit beside me while I tell you my life story.

I am a pretty energetic and outgoing guy who likes to make jokes that are mostly not funny. ~~ Anyways, I love playing computer games, basketball and watching anime. Just your typical single guy. I often hang out with friends to try out new things as well as I am easily bored, thus the blog's name, borednready. Yes, a very creative name. I am not that good at naming stuffs, don't judge. :3

I hope you would enjoy the blog and I also hope that you learn about new things and stay happy. I am in your care. *bows*

P.S If you are wondering why is there a meat plush at the top right, I really love manga meat a lot that it has became an obsession. You ask why? Well, I am not too sure myself... It just sort of happened. XD

Name: Ang Jing Liang

Email: abc@gmail.com

Number: 98765432